Gorinchem is situated in a river-rich area, making it a perfect starting point for splendid walking and cycling tours along the Linge, Meuse, and Waal rivers. And it’s all very accessible with the foot ferry, which you can bring your bike on for free.

Take the ferry

The perfect starting point is Buiten de Waterpoort, the location from which the foot ferries depart. Here you’ll also find a TOP (tourist transfer point) electric bike charging station. Take the ferry for a Rondje Pontje - a pre-set ferry and bike tour route - or map out your own combined tour using the marked cycling network. Or perhaps you’d prefer to visit the Biesbosch National Park. If the ferry is not running, you can still take the water taxi.

Tip: You can pick up a copy of the timetable for free at the VVV tourist office.

Day passes

With a day pass for the foot ferry, you can step on and off as often as you like. And a two-day pass is perfect for a weekend of cycling along the rivers or sightseeing on the water. You can buy your ticket or pass at the VVV tourist office or right on the ferry.

Tip: The VVV tourist office offers more maps for beautiful cycling and walking tours in and around Gorinchem.