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Rondje Pontje ferry & bike tour
Rondje pontje


The wide rivers are no obstacle for cyclists; they just add to the adventure. You can map out your bike trip on the well-marked cycling network that will take you to all parts of this beautiful river landscape. The ferry can carry both you and your bike across the river so that you can explore both banks.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve marked out two cycling routes, one covering 21km and the other 30km. You can pick up your free copy of the cycling map showing the numbered ‘nodes’ (knooppunt in Dutch: locations with signs) along the route at the VVV tourist office and on the ferry. 

Picnic arrangement


We supply you with a picnic backpack filled with fresh, delicious local products and then off you go on your bike.
Bike rentals


If you do not have a bike with you, you can hire one at the VVV tourist office.