The fortress triangle

Touring the ‘fortress triangle’ from the water

The fortress triangle (Vestingdriehoek) is one of the most beautiful areas along the Dutch Water Line. Once intended to keep out the enemy, the gates to these fortified sites are now kept wide open. The fortress triangle is much more than the separate sites. At the centre of this region you’ll find the centuries-old, fortified sites of Gorinchem, Zaltbommel and Woudrichem, the imposing Loevestein Castle, and Fort Vuren. And you can hop from one hot spot to the next along the New Dutch Water Line on the ferry.

Loevestein Castle

Loevestein Castle is a great place to visit for young and old alike. Enter the world from which Hugo Grotius managed to escape. Visit the fortress, a unique place where nature and culture meet. The castle is located in the beautiful Munnikenland region, on the floodplains where the Maas and Waal rivers meet.

Fortified Woudrichem

The fortifications in and around Woudrichem will take you back in time. Visit the St Martinus Church right at the centre, or have a nice meal in the historical harbour that reminds you of the fishing town in the past. Once every three years, during Visserijdagen (fishery days), Woudrichem dresses up and once again becomes the river fishing town it once was.

Fortified Gorinchem

Gorinchem is the largest fortified city in the Netherlands with its ramparts still fully intact. You can take a stroll atop the ramparts, and along the way you can see the Dalempoort gatehouse, impressive cannons and several windmills. But what is especially pleasant is to visit the bustling city center with its many café terraces and wonderful shops.

Fort Vuren

Fort Vuren is a special location offering a wide range of overnight accommodations in various price ranges, from a simple room where weary hikers or cyclists can roll out their sleeping bag to beautiful B&B lodgings with luxurious sanitary facilities. The more adventurous visitors can even stay in a bunker that has been equipped as a guest house for four guests.

Fortified Zaltbommel

‘I went to Bommel to see the bridge...’ The original poem, written (in Dutch) in 1934 by Martinus Nijhoff, describes the splendour of this fortified town on the Waal river. However, ‘Bommel’ has so much more to offer. The town is more than just a splendid pallet of art and culture: it also has wonderful shops, great restaurants, historic buildings, and centuries-old ramparts and walls.

Walking, cycling & sailing

You can take a wonderful walk or bike ride through the ‘fortress triangle’ (Vestingdriehoek). Enjoy sweeping views of the river landscape on a bike trip from Zaltbommel to Fort Vuren. Wander through the picturesque streets of Woudrichem and Gorinchem. What literally connects them all is Riveer, the ferry and water taxi operator that transports you from one location to another. Hint: A ‘Rondje Pontje’ 2-day pass is a great deal.